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About us

Poirier Marine is your nautical expertise center serving the Gatineau-Ottawa region. New and used boats, engines, services, maintenance, and all your boating needs.

To discover the richness of our natural environment and for the pleasure of sailing, Poirier Marine offers a wide choice of pleasure boats to relax and live your passions: fishing, sports and leisure.

Poirier Marine provides advice, training and support throughout the acquisition of a boat, to simplify access to the passion for boating and to inform boating enthusiasts of the latest novelties.

The sustained and rigorous service of its experienced team allows boating enthusiasts to safely enjoy their escapes on the water.


Since 1962, Poirier Marine has participated in the development of recreational boating in the Outaouais. Their pride is to bring over 60 years of experience to serving the current needs of boat owners. Their team of experts is united by years of shared passion and dedication to its customers.