Princecraft – Marine Poirier Masson Thurso Gatineau


Reconized as the best boat manufacturer in North America,


Recognized as the best boat manufacturer in North America, Princecraft stands out from the competition thanks to its Quebec manufacturing plant; yes, Princecraft boats are made here by local people!

Superior craftsmanship to achieve an unparalleled level of quality. The quality of design, style, amenities, ergonomics, and comfort are far superior to many other brands.

Their commitment is backed by their heritage of quality, unmatched performance, and the promise of years of trouble-free boating. With a rich history of innovation, design, and assembly methods, Princecraft is the undisputed leader in the boating industry.


Push the limits of fun with family and friends with Princecraft®’s top-of-the-line boats and pontoons. We’ve got what you need for fishing, water sports or just plain fun on the water.